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Our West Palm Beach salon is always full of excitement, fun, and laughter. We feature quality hair products and tools. You’ll only find the very best for your hair inside The Mane Life Studio.  At The Mane Life Studio, we do hair and we do it well. Get to know our stylists and our VIP guests program. Let’s get social and connect. Follow us for the latest tips and tricks for your hair. Looking for the right place to nail your new hair look? Call the premier West Palm Beach hair salon and book your visit at the Mane Life Studio today. Don’t settle for less than the look you’ve been dreaming of.

The MANE Story

In 2014, after a three-year salon partnership, Keshia “Damasterstylist” Rogers stepped out on her own to open her first salon The Paisley Parlor.  The Paisley Parlor created a buzz in the local beauty industry that drew clients in for services from all over the tri-county area.

Later that year after expanding her educational offerings, Keshia started traveling across the nation hosting and guest teaching at hair workshops and seminars.  Next, she introduced her first proprietary haircare line, Rabbi Premium Products, complete with a full national distribution network. This new space that she found herself in encompassed hair, beauty, education, products, and even apparel. That’s when Keshia realized this was so much more than just a hair salon and it was time to make a change. The Paisley Parlor had served its purpose and now it had to make way for a new culture and a way of life… the Mane Life.